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MAVRUD STORY “From the Vine to the Glass”

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30 Aug

MAVRUD STORY “From the Vine to the Glass”

“Mavrud Story“. When tasting a wine, there is nothing more frustrating than the desperately searching for words to describe it! All about the Mavrud, 1 variety, 3 colors, 5 tastes and a history. Learn gently the Mavrud tasting vocabulary. Become a pro … at the restaurant, with your friends.
Let’s visit a beautiful area of the Thracian Valley where you will learn more about the vineyard and winemaking. You will discover the authenticity and intimacy of a private property and enjoy explanations on the development of Organic wine from the vine to the bottle.
Tasting Workshop – Become an expert in 20min!
“An intense robe, woody aromas, tannic mouth …” Ouch, Ouch, Ouch ! What does that mean ?! In this workshop, you will learn the steps of the tasting and will educate your nose to recognize the aromas.
At the end of the workshop you will enjoy the Mavrud in three colors, five tastes, accompanied by local products. Go back to your hotel.

Duration 3h30
Transport Yes
Group 2 – 8 people
Languages BG – FR – GB
Degustations 5
Breakfast No
Price from 119€