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29 Aug


Make your very own wine!
During the workshop, you will first learn how to characterize the different native varieties the Mavrud and the Rubin : the aromas, the volume, the tannin, the aftertaste … Then, equipped with test tubes and wine-tasting glasses, you will realize your own blended wine to make a wine to your taste: rather fruity, more wooded, round, complex, aromatic…
Step into an oenologist’s shoes for the time of a workshop!
Meeting at the Tourist Information Center in the pedestrian street. Departure for the town of Perushtitsa near Plovdiv. It’s a town famous for its uprising battle against the Ottoman Empire and its wine region famous with the Mavrud.
You will discover the authenticity of a former state winemaking site and enjoy the explanations of winemaking from the vine to the bottle.
After walking in the vineyard you will go into the Blending room, facing the vineyards and the Rhodopes to create your own Bulgarian wine. After defining your wine at your taste, you will fill your bottle, cork and cap it, and finaly put your personalized label on it. You will go home with the bottle of wine that you have made.
Return to Plovdiv.

Duration 4h
Transport Yes
Group 6 – 15 people
Languages BG – FR – GB
Degustations 5
Breakfast No
Price 49€